How to foster a culture of leadership in an organization?This is usually a very valid question in some professional, and that in one way or another is in the air in many situations where it arises as how to manage change in companies.

Everyone, absolutely every one of the people in an organization are likely to develop their leadership potential to become real change agents. Obviously not all individuals start from the same starting point, or want to reach the same final point. In any case the companies have a duty to provide each of them the opportunity to continually grow both personally and professionally.

But how to do it? The time is short, and also the economic resources, waiting for the right time among other reasons, seem to be the favorite excuses for not getting down to work. Any organization, wishing to build a successful future, need and must work continuously in training their staff.

The problem is that companies often lose focus in prioritizing the key organizational development to plant the desired future. Sometimes because it’s not have been properly defined, and sometimes because their interventions only scratch the surface of what is really needed.

In order to ensure the development of leadership in an organization, it requires three steps:


  1. Focus on the primary need for development of the organization for the future: Many times companies forget to ask themselves the key question:


Which is that feature that should have my organization to be successful in the future?


This is the big question that will trigger everything else: profile of leaders, the way to work together, etc.

It is not a question at all easy to answer and it needs to be made periodically, as the answer will vary depending on the environment both at macro and micro level.

  1. Focus on the primary need for development of the team for the future:

Once the organization knows about this feature you want more, should ask:


What is that way of working that will have in the future the teams in my organization?


It is a mistake to think that working well together requires following a series of specific steps, and avoiding a specific dysfunctions resulting from the diversity in the group.

But actually there are many different ways of working effectively in a team to make it productive, depending on internal roles, processes, coordination, etc.

Therefore, the team must give and continuously develop the appropriate key.

  1. Focus on the primary need of the development of the leaders for organization for the future.


Finally, after developing the desired feature by the organization, and later in the development process of the way of working of their team, comes the next question:


What is that special skill that should have the future leaders of my organization?


This makes us think about the profile of the ideal leader of the company, his/her DNA, the pattern that the manager of a team is following. In short, what distinguishes them from the others, and also causes an alignment between all partners to achieve what the organization craves.

Thus developing the leadership of the organization requires focus on these three levels, in a consistent and staggered way, and asking the right questions.


Enric Arola