When we use the term leadership it is relatively easy to associate it with the individual dimension, either because we associate it with behaviors performed by people we do know, or because we connect it with famousĀ  (gurus, mass leaders, etc.) that have made great contributions to society. But we can also conclude that leadership is movement, as I will try to comment on this article.

Organizations need leaders who inspire and become lighthouses for other leaders who in turn are the ones who enlighten others and so on in order to achieve better results for the well being of people.

Although it is evidence, it does not make us simplifying the concept of leadership. Leading not only means accompanying or guiding others. Leading means much more. Leading is part of the vital process and it is in all its dimensions:


  • Leading my own life

This is the leadership from the “I” and to the benefit of the “me”, since what is sought is to find the personal purpose as well as the development itself to achieve high levels of happiness on all the individual perspectives.


  • Leading others

This is the leadership from the “I” and to the benefit of “YOU”, pursuing the desire to accompany and develop other people to enhance their resources and thus contribute to the happiness of others.


  • Leading as Team / Organization

This is the leadership from the “WE” and to benefit the “ENVIRONMENT”, which also includes us. This dimension contemplates the need to be stronger as a whole so that we can do better and thus to make the larger system to which we belong also a great place where producing in a fulfilling way.

Leadership = ALL + MOVEMENT

In this manner it is easy to conclude that we all lead at different levels and at different times. We are all leaders, because ALL is leadership.

If for this reason, leadership consists in generating movement (in me, in others, in us, in the environment…), we can accept that leadership is part of nature; a nature that connects everything and makes the world move.

It is also easier to understand that I (as a human being) do not decide when to lead or not, since it is life that pushes me to do it when it is needed. I will be the one who makes it easy and let me lead by it, or resisting me systematically for the fear of the impact that this can generate in me or in others.

Leadership flows in people or teams when we give ourselves full permission to be ourselves in the service of life. When everything is fast, easy and enjoyable? Why is it authentic (“Me” being “Me”)? What pushes me or stops me to do it?

I recommend you visit the link on a TED intervention by Louie Schwartzberg, which shows for me what leadership means: awareness, unity, beauty, connection with nature, and gratitude for all of that.


Enric Arola