During my interventions in organizations, often participants ask me literature on leadership and team management. There is much written and more to come, but to begin with I would like to focus on ten books about Business Leadership that I consider required reading for leaders of teams and organizations.

Some of them are authentic best sellers because of their contributions to transformational leadership, and they all focus on management change from different perspectives.

Let’s start with:

1.- The five dysfunctions of a team – Patrick Lencioni

It is a highly readable book that makes reflect on the limitations experienced by any group of people on their way to become a high performance team.

Recommended for those who want to understand the dynamics of a team and act accordingly.


2.- Tribes – Seth Godin

This book invites us to realize our visibility as leaders and how we can take responsibility creating communities to achieve a common goal.

Recommended for those who want to listen to their inner leader and give full permission to be authentic.


3.- Primal Leadership – Daniel Goleman & Richard Boyatzis & Annie McKee

This book delves into the doctrine of Daniel Goleman on Emotional Intelligence and its dimensions, supplemented by the contribution of the six styles of leadership needed in any environment and situation to get the best out of others.

Recommended for those who are learning that leadership has to do with the context and therefore is necessary to adapt the style according to the moment.


4.- The four agreements – Miguel Ruiz

In this book the author shares the lessons learned from the Toltec wisdom that facilitate communication processes between people.

Recommended for those who want to learn in a simple way the magic rules to increase quality in relations between individuals.

5.- The seven habits of highly effective people – Stephen Covey


This book is a true classic of personal leadership that presents a structured approach to move from a reactive behavior in the different life stages of the individual to a proactive and creative response that will facilitate personal success.

Recommended for those who want to check how they are tackling their life goals and how they can acquire habits to gain effectiveness and achieve the desired results.


6.- Leadership and Self-Deception – The Arbinger Institute

This book introduces us to the world of instincts and personal needs that cause our behaviors more reactive and negatively affecting people in our environment.

Recommended for those who want to understand why sometimes react undesirably for themselves and for others, and want to try new ways to respond to the same impulses.


7.- Focus – Daniel Goleman


This book makes us think and learn to improve our level of attention for focusing the energy to the truly important actions.

Recommended for those who want to learn canalize their efforts in their objectives to be more productive.


8.- The Element – Ken Robinson


This book invites us to find the differentiator that will enhance leadership in a more authentic and profound dimension.

Recommended for those who want to reflect on the balance between his innate talent and his personal passion.


9.- Changing on the Job – Jennifer Garvey Berger


This book breaks down the work on mental development stages condition responses leadership of individuals.

Recommended for those who want to reflect on how to manage the complexity and uncertainty, and therefore their impact as leaders.


10.- The Joy of Living – Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche


This book does not talk about models or theories of leadership but how to explore “being” as a key element of individual leadership. One of the most extreme expressions of “being” has to do with meditation for increasing personal balance, and increase the impact on the “to do”.

Recommended for those who want to start “to play” with meditation in a very simple and practical way.


If you have not yet had the opportunity to read some of these recommended books, I encourage you to take some break in your life to enjoy them and, why not, to boost your transformational leadership.

Enjoy the reading!

Enric Arola