“Satisfaction is forever”. This is the title of the documentary that Freixenet has done about the Spanish team of rhythmic gymnastics, taking advantage of the Christmas greeting announcement. This is a report of great plastic beauty, and in the same time contains clear messages of personal leadership and team development.

My daughter Marina competes in rhythmic gymnastics since the age of 6. All mothers and fathers of gymnasts knows what a sport like this means, with many hours of training and much demand for the body to move in the way that most mortals never get to do. But above all, it is a discipline that requires great mental work.

Watching a gymnast jumping in the floor to compete from a very young age in front of hundreds of people, concentrating on the performance and looking for the balance between body and mind is something to admire. All parents have a heart skip whenever these small gymnasts let drop the apparatus, or something goes wrong and leave the scenario crying.

Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport of cries and caresses, as well as demanding and satisfying.

Personal and professional leadership has to do with finding this perfect binomial between mind and heart. And if we join this to do it in common through teamwork, we are in front of a spectacle of the work of the human being.

The documentary by Freixenet on the Spanish rhythmic gymnastics team, winner of a silver medal in the last Olympic Games, excites us and encourages us to continue looking for the way to achieve our goals from vocation, commitment, sharing with others and above all, from the happiness generated by the job well done.

I can’t fail to point out below some phrases that coaches and gymnasts share during the report and that we all must recognize as ours, as people who lead our respective lives.

Marina, my daughter, in one of her rhythmic gymnastics numbers

– “It is very important when it arrives the moment of feeling capable to succeed”.

-“It is crucial to know when and how to press. Not all people respond in the same way”.

-“The mind dominates our body”.

-“Do not be afraid of anything; Fear does not let you advance”.

-“At the end you grab your partner, knowing that it’s a shared dream”.

-“I want to be happy, to live happily and to give happiness to all my team”.

-“Maturity helps you to know how to live with the pain of everyday life”.

-“The desire and the fighting being can more than the pain”.

-“You have to keep your mind cold and forget everything that slows you down”.

-“The goal is to improve as a person and that your partners improve with you as well”.

-“We love to start from scratch”.

“The pain is temporary; Satisfaction is forever “

Congratulations champions!


Enric Arola