As always at these dates, it is good to make stock of the year we left behind, while reflecting on what we would like to find during the year that will soon born. Today I will give you ideas on the wish list for a new year.

Good intentions for oneself represent the desire to keep growing personally and at the same time continue to walk through the path of one’s own happiness. This path has many appearances, forms and colors, as well as there are many sensibilities, personalities and needs of each human being.

The wish list for a new year


There goes my desire for the year that we will start shortly:

  • “Hunt” unique and special moments

A long time ago, I had a co-worker from Lithuania who shared with me the great hobby, and at the same time commitment to oneself, that he had (and I hope continue to have). It was about looking for unique experiences that made him live moments of fullness and happiness at very deep levels.

It is not so easy to achieve it as it is to desire it, but only if they are persecuted you can get to experience. We all know how it feels when we live moments like this; sometimes it is not even easy to define our emotional state while that happens.

The good news is that getting it does not have to do so much with money, but rather with connecting with something pure that exists in each of us as sensitive and emotional people that we are by nature. Stepping barefoot on a green meadow, swimming naked in a solitary lake, or feeling the breeze while quietly witnessing a sunset, are examples of these sensations that we need our heart to accumulate to carry energy, optimism and happiness.

  • Disconnect more

The experts remind us how important it is to get bored, get out of a full and structured agendas that even occur during periods of rest. Technology is a great ally, without a doubt, that helps us to be more efficient in our day to day, both personally and professionally.

The problem is that it robs us a lot of time to simply digress, letting our mind disconnect from a specific focus that demands our attention and intention.

Creativity is very much stimulated precisely by these stages where we allow ourselves “to be” more than “to do”.


  • Less Control

Adding a little insanity to our daily life brings us closer to changing our rituals and more classic paradigms, and thus so we can be surprised with new visions and sensations that can bring us great satisfaction.

It is true that what works and makes us happy is better not to touch it, but sometimes we do things because we need them (or so we believe) and not so much because we really want them.

It is then a question of daring to take a step forward and do things that we normally do not dare to do, mitigating a little risk if you want, but unleashing us more from what we usually do.

  • Make it easy

Life, I think we all come to the same conclusion that is increasingly complex and uncertain, so the old formulas do not longer work as before, or do not in all cases.

Our mind warns us and demands to control this complexity to the maximum, so that makes us to develop plans, actions or patterns of behavior that are also increasingly complex and elaborate. These causes live these situations with heaviness and anxiety, becoming a great invitation precisely to not fulfill them more in the future.

So, to manage the complexity we must make it increasingly easier, simpler and more comfortable. Only in this way the path will become more sustainable and attractive.

  • Go countercurrent

Very often we end up doing what everybody does and we are dissatisfied precisely because we feel part of a “single stream” that we do not share.

Our reactive and more complaint part of ourselves makes us to be a cattle of sheeps that advance without a clear purpose. Being brave to differentiate ourselves in what we believe and desire may bother us, but it can also push us closer to our happiness. It is worth to pay this toll.

I wish you a new year full of what makes sense and meaning for you!


Enric Arola